F O L K E R T   D E   J O N G


The future of sculpture - but with an eye on past masters
author(s): Alastair Sooke
newspaper/magazine: The Daily Telegraph

Let's get physical
author(s): Jackie Wullschlager
newspaper/magazine: Financial Times

It's big, but is it clever?
author(s): Januszczak, Waldemar
newspaper/magazine: The Sunday Times

The shape of things to come
author(s): Nancy Durrant
newspaper/magazine: The Times

Folkert de Jong
newspaper/magazine: Vision Magazine Beijing, June

Fate's Carnival
author(s): Lilly Wei
newspaper/magazine: Art In America, April

Folkert De Jong: Groninger Museum
author(s):Saskia van der Kroef
newspaper/magazine: Artforum, February

Circle Of Trust - Folkert de Jong, selected works 2001-2009
author(s): S. van der Zijpp, Y. Tsitsovits, J. Declercq a.o.
catalogue: Groninger Museum, Black Cat Publishing Amsterdam

Double Dutch
author(s): M. Straus, C. Van Gerrewey
catalogue: Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

Foam Sweet Foam, Folkert de Jong
author(s): Y. Tsitsovits
newspaper/magazine: Under / Current, May

Folkert de Jong: Shanghai
author(s): M. Amy
newspaper/magazine: Art China, vol. 2-3

Double Diplomacy - Fendry Ekel , Folkert de Jong
author(s): T. Koenig, T. Eeckhout
catalogue: Black Cat Publishing Amsterdam

Picasso – Ses maîtres et ses héritiers
author(s): J. Breton, A. Ténèze a.o.
catalogue: Beaux Art editions, Paris

Chronic – Handmade Nightmares
author(s): T. Eeckhout
catalogue: Museum Dhondt Dhaenens

Fractured Figure
catalogue: Deste Foundation For Contemporary Art

catalogue: Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design

Folkert de Jong – Confronting the Grotesque
author(s): M. Amy
newspaper/magazine: Sculpture magazine vol. 27/5 June

Hellish Harlequins: Folkert de Jong
newspaper/magazine: Dazed & Confused, vol. 2, no. 61, May

Folkert de Jong
author(s): J. Conner
newspaper/magazine: Art US, no. 21

HaHaHaHa Horror
author(s): M. Bem
newspaper/magazine: Oog, magazine of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, no. 4

Folkert de Jong & Fendry Ekel, Verbeelding van macht
author(s): M. Leij
newspaper/magazine: Kunstbeeld, no. 4

Folkert de Jong - Les Saltimbanques
author(s): G. Volk, M. J. Straus, A. Finel Honigman
catalogue: James Cohan Gallery, Black Cat Publishing Amsterdam

All For Art
author(s): N. Bondil
catalogue: The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

Chronic – Handmade Nightmares in Red, Yellow and Blue
author(s): A. Honold, K. Zijlmans
catalogue: Black Cat Publishing Amsterdam

Folkert de Jong - Gott Mit Uns
author(s): K. Zijlmans, J. Dietvorst, S. Weyns
catalogue: Black Cat Publishing Amsterdam

Folkert de Jong - Shoot The Freak
author(s): S. Wallis, S. Lüttiken, M. van Nieuwenhuizen
catalogue: NAI Publishers, Rotterdam

Shape Of Things To Come- New Sculpture
author(s): M. Dailey
catalogue: Saatchi Gallery & Jonathan Cape Random House London

Innovations in the Third Dimension, Sculpture Of Our Time
author(s): N. Hall-Duncan, J. Pachner, A. Juliar
catalogue: The Bruce Museum Greenwich, Connecticut

Folkert de Jong
author(s): M. LeBlanc
newspaper/magazine: Beautiful Decay, no. 5